Rebekah Brooks says she didn't know hacking illegal

REBEKAH Brooks has told the phone-hacking trial in London she was not aware the practice was illegal while working at the News of the World.

Brooks said she had never been asked to sanction phone hacking during in her time as editor of the now defunct Murdoch publication between 2000 and 2003.

She said it was only when a private detective working for the paper, Glenn Mulcaire, and the paper's then royal editor, Clive Goodman, were arrested in 2006 that she became aware the practice was illegal.

The revelation in 2011 that murdered schoolgirl Millie Dowler's phone had been intercepted by the tabloid while the 13-year-old was missing led to widespread public condemnation that caused Mr Murdoch to shut the 168-year-old paper and forced Brooks to resign.

Asked whether she had anything to do with a journalist tasking Mulcaire to hack Dowler's phone, she said: "No I didn't."

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