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‘Really moved’: Kate’s virtual choir

Kate Ceberano has certainly been busy in these crazy coronavirus times.

The musician, singer, songwriter, festival curator, author, actor, artist, artistic director, musical theatre performer and TV personality became an independent broadcaster with her show Kate Ceberano & Friends. Not to forget mentoring stars of the future, and helping her fellow performers keep stage fit with her good friend Kiara Kieser.

Now she's joined forces with one of Australia's leading hearing healthcare providers, Audika, to lead a national virtual choir of more than 150 people.

When the 53-year-old learnt that many of those with hearing loss issues felt isolated at home, she jumped in to help. Ceberano is joined by members of Soul Song Choir and Australia's Got Talent stars Humming Song Choir as well as Audika team members, clients and members of the general public from across Australia to belt out a beautiful version of Blondie's Call Me.


‘I was really moved’. Kate Ceberano and her virtual choir.
‘I was really moved’. Kate Ceberano and her virtual choir.


"I saw it yesterday and burst into tears," Ceberano says. "I thought it was so gorgeous."

"It's a real expression of connectivity when the world is struggling to stay connected. I was just really moved."

Ceberano grew up listening to Blondie's classic rock with her parents and, while she was excited to sing the iconic number, she confesses she was also a little anxious.

"I'm a bit of a purist, so I was worried it wasn't going to be quite Blondie," she confesses. "And then I heard it. It's awesome. I couldn't be more happy.

"It's a unique situation being part of a virtual choir; seeing how music can still come together through times of isolation has been so rewarding to see.

"Hearing is so integral to experiencing music, the joys it brings shouldn't be hampered by any hearing losses."



In red carpet mode at the NGV Gala last November. Picture: Josie Hayden
In red carpet mode at the NGV Gala last November. Picture: Josie Hayden


Hard pressed to narrow down exactly what she loved most about the experience, Ceberano says she just loves sharing her talents.

"I'm always surprised how much joy there is after the fact," she shares. "There's the thrill of putting yourself in front of an orchestra or on stage in front of 180,000 people and that superstar experience, or even billions with the rugby or singing an anthem.

"The thing that you get out of it afterwards, you realise the reason why an artist performs or paints or sings. or entertains. It's an effort to serve his culture. I always feel good afterwards, I've had very few regrets about performances I have committed to."

Ceberano really hopes people will be inspired by the Audika campaign.

"If you're not feeling comfortable getting out and about, don't feel trapped inside," Ceberano urges. "Come to the helpline, there's people who can help you with what you need to feel engaged with the community. Just call me … well rather, call us."

Audika Hearing Care Help Line 1800 519 849. Free hearing check for adults 26yrs+.

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