DAD-OF-TWO Paul Stewart has been there.

"I had been going through what I thought was a pretty happy marriage until one all fell apart."

It was a tough time.

However Paul got through it, eventually.

"I lost my wife, my children, my home...," he said.

"My mental state got pretty poor at that point.

"I ended up losing my job, my community, my self-respect..."

The split was nine years ago. Paul sees his kids, aged 9 and 13, every second weekend.

"I do all I can to maintain the best possible relationship with them," he said.

Paul runs inSight Men's Circle. His role is to guide blokes who are going through a family breakdown.

"It's not the end of the story - life goes on."

Often talking helps. But that can turn some men off.

"It's not set-up therapy, a pity party or to cry your eyes out. It's about finding real solutions," Paul said.

"This is about men being able to relate to men."



Paul asks the following tough questions in his sessions:

Who do you become when you don't get what you want?

What is your responsibility?