Mark and Angie work well as a team. Photo Contributed
Mark and Angie work well as a team. Photo Contributed Photo Contributed

Real estate duo shares tips for getting homes market-ready

MEET ANGIE Kulikov and Mark Skrinnikoff - property consultants at Century 21, Gladstone.

Angie has been with Century 21 Harbour City Gladstone Real Estate for eight years.

With hard work and dedication she has built strong business and personal relationships as well as maintained a high level of service and communication.

Mark Skrinnikoff joined Century 21 nine months ago.

Since then he has brought a wealth of knowledge with him to the team, sharing his building and construction expertise.

Mark and Angie make a dynamic team and share the same passion and enthusiasm, allowing them to achieve top results.

In this week's Agent Insight, Angie and Mark give Domain readers useful advice on preparing your home for selling.

Our role

We specialise in serving clients who are looking to buy or sell property in the Gladstone and surrounding areas.

We've got a comprehensive understanding of the market and are skilful in strategic pricing and marketing.

Our clients are number one - it's all about you and your best interest, plain and simple.

We can help people every step of the way when buying or selling property, providing professional and trustworthy service.

We have seen the changing needs in our clientele and accommodate this by offering after-hours appointments and inspections.

We provide you with the highest level of personal service, not only for today, but for a lifetime.

Our advice

This week we would like to offer you tips in preparing your home to achieve premium price.

First impressions are important and this is particularly relevant in real estate.

The moment prospective buyers arrive at your home they need to be impressed.

As marketers for your property, we are interested in getting you the best possible price.

Therefore, our aim is to exceed expectations every time.

The presentation of your home can influence the price a purchaser agrees to, sometimes by thousands of dollars.

A minimal amount of work can make a major difference to the price you achieve.

By following this simple guide, you can properly prepare your property for the competitive marketplace.

Begin by walking across the street and looking at the home in an objective way.

Think as a first-time purchaser and ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are there any minor changes you can make to the garden to enhance the street appeal?
  • Does your paintwork need touching up?
  • Are the windows clean?
  • Do you have any rubbish that needs to be removed?

What you can do

When considering the inside of your home, remember you are now living in a showroom.

Your aim is to impress potential buyers so much that they want to purchase your house, as opposed to any others in their price range.

Consider the following:

  • Make your buyers feel welcome.Play some music, light an oil burner, brew some coffee and buy some fresh flowers. Pleasant aromas always make a property inviting.
  • Check all rooms in the house to ensure the interior is clean. Pay particular attention to kitchens and bathrooms, as these rooms are the two most important rooms on which purchase decisions are made.
  • Ensure the beds are made and toys are hidden.
  • Create more space by storing extra furniture and clothes. This will make rooms and wardrobes look bigger.
  • Keep pets at bay and under control.

Following these simple guidelines will give you maximised results in selling your home.