Ready, set, grow your moustache for Movember

FRIDAY is the first day of Movember - the month when blokes around the world grow a bit of bristle under their noses for a good cause.

The cause is a serious one for blokes, covering prostate cancer, testicular cancer and men's mental health.

They are ailments that blokes tend to not want to know about - the old 'couldn't happen to me' syndrome, which is adopted by many men who think they are immune.

The fact is none of us are immune, and the more that can be found by researchers, through donations to Movember, the greater chance we have of finding long-term cures.

There are many groups around Gladstone who traditionally, every year, take part in November. We'd like to hear from you all so that we can help promote the cause.

Today our feature is about our firefighters - next week it could be you and your goals.

All three Movember causes are potential killers - let's all do something positive to reduce the risk.