Community calls for action on Beecher boat ramp

THE closure of the Beecher boat ramp has been met with anger by online commenters in Gladstone, who say Gladstone Regional Council should have stood up for the community.

The Observer on Saturday reported Beecher residents were furious they hadn't been consulted about the closure of the community boat ramp.

Local families have fished, waterskied and explored from the area for 25 years.

But now there are witches hats, several warning signs and even surveillance cameras set up at the site.

Councillor Col Chapman said the council had been instructed by the Department of Natural Resources and Mines and Department of Environment and Heritage to close the ramp to minimise erosion.

Some of our readers suggest State MP Glenn Butcher might be able to help, recalling an election promise of another boat ramp for the Gladstone community.

Here's some of what our readers said online:

sweetlip - Barney Point: The government is worried about erosion but the dredging of Gladstone harbour was okay.

Tigershark - Agnes Waters: Absolute disgrace... One of the main past times for people in Gladstone is fishing. We lost the ability to fish around the many wharfs due to maritime security laws so each boat ramp that allows people access to fishing spots should be encouraged…

Residents of Beecher you guys always have plan B. If you remember our local member Glenn Butcher did promise during his election campaign that if elected, he would deliver another boat ramp for Gladstone... Try lobbying him.

Shady Camp: I wonder has any resident - particularly those who use the ramp- ever tried to help maintain it perhaps by planting trees to prevent erosion?

It seems they hold themselves in higher regard than the environment...not a long term solution for generations to come when it's all about the kids...

Dan Fleetwood: Come on people you actually expect the council to maintain public property do you? In Gladstone thats what the port authority is for. God help us when it gets privatised.

Steve Roberts: ...Only erosion I have seen is the natural wash away from floods and tide, a little upkeep will go a long way.

Let's do things proper, get rid of dangerous illegal stuff and put a simple ramp in, its in a low current spot so no idea of why they say there's issues. Give them the ramp back.

gladstonation - Gladstone: "Council had been instructed by the Department of Natural Resources and Mines and Department of Environment and Heritage to close the ramp to minimise erosion". What a farce!

They're going to be busy then, closing down the thousands of other impromptu bush boat ramps across our state! Someone needs to make a point here, and keep using the ramp!

eyespy6 - Gladstone: ...Ok for multinationals to rape the entire coast and surrounds but a small dirt track to a river.... A council actually representing their community should have told the state department to go choke.

There are numerous levers the council could use to look after our interests but that might interrupt the Mayor's travel plans or the deputy's political priorities. Time for state member Glenn Butcher to overturn this...

Dixee - Gladstone: The Department of Environment and Heritage must be very concerned about the devastation this could cause to force a local council to upset its citizens in this way.

As far as I know this area has always been naturally eroded by the river itself...