WHEN the news broke on Sunday about the fruitless search for a mysterious woman seen wandering the highway, thousands of readers flooded The Observer's website.

That story has had nine times as many views as our usual top daily story online.

Ever since, our readers have been busy sharing their stories and experiences.

Kelvin N Linda Young posted on our Facebook page and said reading this story had been a reminder of the time they saw a woman on Gladstone-Benaraby Rd two years ago.


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"She was close to the road. I just told my daughter she was a lost soul wanting to leave.

"At the time we thought nothing of it until today. Two years later. Wow."

Odi Riedel posted: "I guess ghosts are everywhere. It all depends whether you (are) conscious of them or not. Try the local hospital, they have plenty of them."

Aaron W from Kin Kin said: "I had to laugh when half way through reading this story I arrived at the poll questioning if I believed in ghosts.

"This is the first time I've read the article and it claimed I had already voted!

"Well, I believe at the very least there's a ghost in my computer! Spooky..."

Kate Barnard said: "So many roadside fatalities on the highways in Gladstone. Depends if you are a believer."