FULFILMENT: Merle Spann recently celebrated her 90th birthday.
FULFILMENT: Merle Spann recently celebrated her 90th birthday. Mike Richards GLA030918BRTH

How 'matchmaking' Merle made it to 90

"A COUNTRY person always learns to do things by themselves."

That's a philosophy Merle Spann never takes lightly, because back when she was living on the farm, her neighbours were "two miles apart" and hard to get hold of in an emergency.

The self-professed country girl reached a massive milestone recently, celebrating her 90th birthday.

"There was a lot of laughs that day," Mrs Spann said.

"There were a lot of hellos and happy birthdays and that."

Merle Spann (nee Staples) was born in Maryborough on September 21, 1928, and was raised on the family farm at Mount Larcom, with her parents Arthur and Irene and siblings Lorna, Alan and Joan.

Later on in her life, her main priorities were her husband, Bert, and their three children, Peter, David and Phillip, where she beams with happiness every time she mentions their accomplishments.

She was also instrumental in organising the debutante balls at Mount Larcom, where she claims she played matchmaker.

"We got three marriages after setting them all up," she said.

Even though she's from the land, Mr Spann had an ambition of travelling the world and they got to see the sights of countries such as China and South Africa.

Despite this, Mrs Spann's favourite things throughout her 90 years are simple.

"Always playing badminton, tennis and dancing," she said.

She also had some advice for the younger generation on how to have a long life, like hers, full of fulfilment and meaning.

"They just need to be outside and need to be able to make themselves do good things," she said.