‘Rat ate my Baggy Green’: Waugh


Australian cricket has announced a match featuring Aussie cricket legends to raise money for bushfire relief, which has sparked one of the summer's best stories in commentary from Mark Waugh.

It's also a reason why if he sold his Baggy Green, it might not go for the big bucks.

The Fox Cricket commentator was covering the BBL game between the Strikers and the Renegades as the news came through when the attention turned to Cricket Australia's response to the bushfire appeal.

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The discussion quickly turned to Shane Warne's Baggy Green, which sold for over a million dollars to go to the cause.

Fellow commentator Andrew Symonds said Warne had done something pretty incredible.

"I don't think there are many words to describe his generosity there to put that up," Symonds said. "That's an amazing thing for someone to do. I've taken mine to various events dinners and people are a bit gobsmacked by them. It's a very iconic Australian sporting item. For Shane to put his up for auction, I reckon that's an amazing thing to do, I couldn't bring myself to get rid of mine."

While they are the ultimate prize for any cricketer, don't expect Waugh to bring his out of the vault.

"I had my Baggy Green in a safe on the ground and I opened the safe and a rat ate half my Baggy Green," Waugh began.

A flummoxed Symonds had to take a second to register what Waugh had just said.

Andrew Symonds was a taken aback.
Andrew Symonds was a taken aback.

"A rat got in the safe?" Symonds said.

"How did a rat get in the safe?" Isa Guha added.

"As he closed the door he went in," Symonds said.

Waugh replied: "I don't know. He got in there."

"Good safe Jun," Symonds said.

"How is that possible?" Guha continued.

"I don't know but he got in there and ate it," Waugh said.

It turns out they have given him a new one and the old holy rat eaten Baggy Green is lost to history - or Waugh's garage.

"I actually had some money in there too, he left the alone and ate the cap," Waugh said.

Guha said: " I reckon someone's done you there, got the combination or something and gone in there and chewed up your Baggy Green."

Symonds still wasn't believing it.

"In your safe at home? Wow."

Waugh finished, saying "Dodgy safe wasn't it? There must have been a gap, if they can get their head in anywhere, they can get their body in, you know that? Left the money though, Baggy Green must have tasted nice."



That will be hard to beat if Fox Cricket did a classic banter segment.

But Waugh's been hard at work all summer with some classic lines.