WASHED AWAY: Creevy Dr at Captain Creek after Monday night's downpour.
WASHED AWAY: Creevy Dr at Captain Creek after Monday night's downpour. Arty Cipak

Road repairs could cost up to $15 million

AGNES Water residents were able to reconnect with the rest of the region - and the world - yesterday, after the road to Miriam Vale was officially reopened.

News that Fingerboard Rd was fit to drive on led to an exodus of tourists who had been holed up in the coastal town since Tuesday - as well as locals who were finally able to access vital supplies.

But by the time the road was reopened, the damage had already been done.

Extensive repairs will be required for roads around Agnes Water, Miriam Vale and Captain Creek.

Tableland Rd at the Essendean Bridge has also suffered significant damage, and is expected to remain closed for up to four weeks.

Gladstone Region local disaster coordinator Michael Colen said the damage around the region could cost up to $15 million to fix - though Natural Disaster Relief and Recovery Arrangements funding had already been approved.

"We've got crews working on roads across the region - we're looking at bridge inspections in the Boyne Valley, and we're waiting to have a look at Nellie Simpson Rd once (Lake Awoonga) falls," he said.

"Baffle Creek is still mostly cut off, so that's where we're expecting to be working the most."


Michael Colen
REBUILDING: Gladstone Regional Council local disaster coordinator Michael Colen. Contributed

Residents concerned by how easily some of the roads around Captain Creek were damaged by the rainfall contacted The Observer during the week.

The roads in question, including Creevey Drive and the intersection of Murphy & Baldaw Rds, were believed to have been repaired in the aftermath of ex-Tropical Cyclone Debbie.

Mr Colen said funding had been approved after Cyclone Debbie to repair several severely damaged roads across the region, but not all of that repair work had yet been fully completed.

"Because of the timing of Debbie, and the work that we had to do in preparation for the repair work - we'll likely be going back to those areas," he said.

Mr Colen said it was important people reported incidents directly to the council, and not just post about them on social media.



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