Get ready for the cold: Some towns to hit 0C

SOUTHEAST Queenslanders can expect a rainy Sunday evening with showers set to hit the east coast late this afternoon.

Bureau of Meteorology's Shane Kennedy said the rain would not stick around for too long.

"We expect those showers to move around the southeast coast later this afternoon, evening and overnight and then push offshore tomorrow morning."

"We're expecting around the 5 to 10mm range on the southeast coast, some areas further west could see 20 to 30mm potentially."

Once the rain band pushes offshore on Monday, Mr Kennedy said cool dry air will enter most of the state.

"It's expected to start cooling down considerably in the wake of this (rain), after the trough sweeps through we'll get a proper cold front pushing through tonight and we're getting much drier cooler air to cross the majority of the state for much of this week.

"From Tuesday morning it's likely to be a couple of degrees below the July average and that will stay around for much of the week."

On Tuesday Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast are predicted to reach a low of 9C, while the Gold Coast could get as low as 6C.

People in Warwick are forecast to shiver through a low of 2C and nearby Stanthorpe is expected to reach 0C.

Towns across the Wide Bay are forecast to hit lows between 6-8C. 

Central Queensland towns can expect similar cold nights, with forecast lows between 6-9C near the coast. Wednesday night is expected to be particularly cold for Rockhampton, Gladstone and Yeppoon. For those inland, temperatures will reach only 5C in Biloela and 4C in Monto. 

Even those up north won't escape the chill. Proserpine has a forecast low of 10C on Tuesday and only 6C on Wednesday. 

The far north is expected to mostly escape the cold, although those in Ingham can expect a low of 10C this week. Cairns will hit a balmy 19C on Tuesday night.