Don't expect any hardcore versions of the Kia Stinger any time soon.
Don't expect any hardcore versions of the Kia Stinger any time soon. Warren Kirby

Racy versions of Kia Stinger put on ice

PLANS for a hardcore Kia Stinger are on the backburner.

Kia's global executives were all singing from the same hymn sheet this week at the Detroit motor show, hosing down speculation of an even more racy version of the fastback sedan.

Head of vehicle test and high performance development at Kia, Albert Biermann, ruled out any chance of a V8 derivative or greater power output from the current range-topping twin turbo V6.

"We have the GT label for the more sportier Kia this time there is no plan and no need. I think with the Stinger GT we are entering an area we haven't been before and I think we should go step by step,” he said.

Kia has launched the much-anticipated Stinger large fastback sedan.
Kia has enjoyed strong sales of the Stinger fastback sedan, primarily in V6 guise.

Kia Design Center Europe chief Gregory Guillaume was beating the same drum, when casting aside discussion about possible Kia coupe, convertible and wagon derivatives.

"We did take a big risk with Stinger. Even if we minimised the risk as much as we could by doing what we believed has the most potential in the sports cars format which mean five or four doors,” Guillaume said.

"Since it's new we don't have the answer. We need to go one footstep at a time.

"Everybody is super positive but we need to sell cars.”

There could ultimately be more GT versions of Kias. Expect GT derivatives of the new Cerato, but there could be SUVs given the athletic treatment.

The mid-range Kia Stinger Si.
The mid-range Kia Stinger Si.

The Stinger has only just reached showrooms around the world. During October the Stinger was launched in Australia.

While Stinger sales numbers have been strong, there has been a negative impact on the mid-size Optima and sharper pricing may need to be implemented.

"Has Stinger affected Optima? You would have to say yes to a degree,” Kia Motors Australia chief operating officer Damien Meredith said.

"We just have to make it work.

"I don't want to discount the car dramatically...but we won't be scared to do it. We have to be thorough with how we treat Optima against its competitors and how it sits against Stinger.”

2016 Kia Optima Si.
Photo: Contributed.
Sales of the Optima have struggled since the introduction of the Stinger.

Kia has confirmed its working on the seven-seat Telluride SUV. At 5m in length it would sit above the marque's current largest SUV, the Sorento.

It is yet to be confirmed in right-hand drive production.

Kia has committed to build the Telluride large SUV.
Kia has committed to build the Telluride large SUV. Bruce Benedict