Tailgating is top road frustration

TAILGATING, littering and the use of mobile phones while driving are a few of the top road frustrations amongst Queenslanders, according to a survey released on Friday by the RACQ.

RACQ's Paul Turner said tailgating had returned to the top of the list of motorists' key frustrations for the first time since 2006.

"It is clear that (tailgating) is an ongoing concern," Mr Turner said.

"Motorists who tailgate are endangering themselves and other road users as they are increasing the likelihood of a crash if they need to stop suddenly."

Drivers who speed up when being overtaken came in second, followed by motorists throwing litter from their cars.

Hand held mobile phone use dropped to fourth place, after being number one in the survey when it was last conducted in 2009.

A key finding of the survey indicated that motorists were concerned about a lack of courtesy on Queensland roads.

"While education activities in relation to sharing the road and courteous driving behaviour have a part to play, the RACQ believes that on-road police patrols should be increased to help combat what appears to be a growing disregard for road rules," Mr Turner said.

"Every motorist has a responsibility to drive safely and legally and respect others on the road.

"Taking care and paying attention at all times while driving could save your life."

RACQ is calling for increased on-road police presence to enforce basic road rules with driver behaviour and a lack of courtesy causing anger and frustration.

Motorists' top 10 complaints are:

  1. Tailgating
  2. Drivers who speed up when being overtaken
  3. Littering
  4. Hand held mobile phone use
  5. Incorrect use of indicators
  6. Aggressive behaviour
  7. Lack of courtesy
  8. Failure to move over to allow others to overtake
  9. Blocking of intersections
  10. Turning from the wrong lane.

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