'Control your monkeys!': Racist slur mars league clash

COMETS officials are preparing to lodge an official complaint after one of their players alleged he was racially vilified in a Group 2 match.

Coffs Harbour's Liam Kelly-Wynne was standing on the sideline in front of the canteen at Coramba Sportsground very late in the match, waiting to return to the field after being sent to the the sin-bin earlier.

The Indigenous forward was standing alongside the first grade team's trainer Dion Dawes when he alleges a spectator called out "Dion, control your monkeys".

The club said it can positively identify the spectator involved in the incident.

Kelly-Wynne said this was the first time he'd ever encountered racism like that.

"There's no room for racism," Kelly-Wynne said.

"My Nan raised us boys to treat people the way you want to be treated and to be treated like that, it belittled me straight away."

Dawes said he was full of admiration for the way the young man reacted.

"I thought it was amazing how controlled he was," Dawes said.