Deputy mayor race will be won today

TODAY'S count won't only reveal who will sit around the council table; it will also give us a clear indication on who will be the next deputy mayor.

Traditionally, the candidate that receives the tops the poll is appointed the mayor's right hand man or woman.

However Matt Burnett says that won't necessarily be the case.

"I'm not a dictator," Mr Burnett said.

"I am in favour of the tradition because that person has clearly been given a mandate by the community.

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"But the deputy also needs to be someone the rest of the council approves of and someone who I think I can work with."

Once the results are clear, the new council will meet to decide, when to hold their council meeting and who will be the deputy.

Those decisions will be formalised at the first council meeting of the year as the only point of business.

Mr Burnett wouldn't comment on who he thought would win, or his preference, however he believes it will come down to the wire.

"I think it will be a mix of existing councillors and new ones," Mr Burnett said.

"I think there will be four to six that poll extremely well and another eight that will be close together and it will come down to postal votes."

That means we could be waiting days for a clear idea on who will fill the eight other seats around the council table. 

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