Beware stonefish.
Beware stonefish. Max Fleet BUN170915STN4

Quirky, weird, strange, ridiculous tales from Gympie region

WHAT'S in a name...

Gympie bloke has taken calling the toilet "the Jim" rather than "the John".

"That way it sounds better when I say I go to the Jim first thing every morning," he told his partner.

SHOULD'VE gone to you-know-where...

The partner mentioned above reckons she must need her eyes tested after rolling deodorant onto her toothbrush instead of toothpaste the other day.

SPECIAL offer...

It's not every day they have a three-day trial in Gympie Magistrates Court.

But there was one on offer there this week.

Advertising sign on a car parked just outside the courthouse caused amusement with its wording: "Ask about our three-day trial."

PERFECT for some...

Recent online story about a 4m tiger shark caught off Fraser Island combined with reports of a stonefish on a boat ramp and jellyfish in the water.

Depends on your point of view, of course, but one other story on a related topic seemed to represent the positive side of things.

It read: "Great Sandy Strait, perfect for lovers of marine life."

SMARTER phone...

Former local said he discovered the truth behind an old philosophy recently when he found he could not get his smart phone to work properly.

It was human error, of course.

"I always said I should never own anything smarter than me," he said.

"I bought a smart phone.

"I was right."

WRAP your laughing gear around this...

Recent discussion around ice-creams and the old jingle about Pauls Billabong ice-creams led to a debate as to the identity of the bird used in the advertising campaign which included the song, "Wrap your laughing gear around a Pauls Billabong".

"Wasn't that a crow?" someone asked, genuinely convinced it was a crow and loudly insisting on proving herself right.

Of course, it was a kookaburra, and a quick Google search proved as much.

Debate slid into another famous bird on another famous advertising campaign, Slip Slop Slap. Of course, that was a seagull, but old mate insisted it was a pelican.

Should have gone to Specsavers?

OVERHEARD at the doctor's...

A woman was waiting at the busy counter of a medical- related practice when she heard one of the receptionists reading out the details of a patient's visit to a doctor over the phone.

The details were describing a certain private male area in detail and his symptoms.

The waiting woman tried not to overhear the conversation but she couldn't miss it.

The other receptionist could see her discomfort and winked at her and said, "Lucky we didn't hear any names."

Letting out a smile, she thought, "Lucky we don't have his problems."

NEW to town...

Young lady last week relocated from North Queensland to Gympie and wasn't sure where to set up digs. Having heard about Gympie and that it has the odd flood, her main criteria when choosing a place to rent was to be "up high".

She was happy to learn that floods aren't all that common, and when they do happen it's not the houses that cop it but the poor business community.