TWIN ROLES: Helen Hewson and Karen Nash twins that both work at Kilkivan school.
TWIN ROLES: Helen Hewson and Karen Nash twins that both work at Kilkivan school. Renee Albrecht

Quirky similarities between these Kilkivan twins

THEY'RE the loveable twins who work at the Kilkivan State School, celebrating their birthdays with their older brother Bradley last week amongst family and friends.

Helen Hewson and Karen Nash are like "two peas in a pod," with a vivacious personality.

Similar in every single way, they even barrack for the same rugby league team "the mighty Brisbane Broncos."

They both attended Kilkivan State School up until year 10 before attending Murgon State High School.

Helen remained in Kilkivan after graduating whilst Karen moved to Gympie and then to Maroochydore. She worked in education in 1999.

"I came back to Kilkivan last year as the business manager and I got the job permanently a couple of months ago," Karen said.

The duo explained it was mutual friends that helped ensure the two sisters worked at the same school.

"Helen used to ring me and say 'Boyd McLean is the principal here who I knew working at regional office," he wants you to come and do the relieving and I'd say no, no, no, and eventually I said yes," she said.

"I came because my parents live in Hervey Bay and it's closer to them and I get along very well with my sister."

Last week both Karen, Helen and her older brother Bradley were teaching at Kilkivan State School. Karen said her brother is retired, but will often be seen helping out wherever he can.

"My older brother is now retired," she said.

"He does some supply work at the school, we're all connected with Kilkivan."

Karen and Helen remarked that both their traits are "very similar."

"We'll be looking at something here and without even knowing it, will say the same thing," they said.

When it comes to celebrating birthdays, Karen said it was no hassle as they would celebrate as as a whole family, even receiving "separate presents."

Helen has been a teacher aide at Kilkivan State School for the past 36 years and said she absolutely loves it.

"It's a very tight-knit community, people look out for each other," she said.

Helen said every second weekend they try to catch up with their parents at Hervey Bay.

"My husband works at Ergon and he's on call every second weekend so Karen and I will jump in the car to see Mum and Dad," she said.

"The bay's not far away, it's only an hour and a half away, Mum and Dad are doing well, they lived here all of their life until about 10-14 years ago.

"We would always go to Hervey Bay for holidays every year, Mum worked at the Gympie sawmill and we'd get four weeks of holidays a year and head to the beach.

Helen believes more tourists are making a visit to Kilkivan.

"It does get busy through the holidays which is good to see," she said.

"Caravanner's are loving it too, they can stay one night as a rest stop, that's at the back of weir oval."

Helen and Karen both have two children. Helen's two sons both live in Brisbane and Karen's children live in Calliope and Maroochydore.

The pair keep busy between the bowls club, Kilkivan State School and family commitments.

Admin officer Sharon Galovic has been working alongside Helen and Karen and said it was a joy to work with them.

"They're a great pair of girls, always helpful and dedicated to the school," she said.