PLAY MATES: Harrison Warry with the family turtle, Speedy.
PLAY MATES: Harrison Warry with the family turtle, Speedy. GLATURT

Speedy the turtle loved by whole family... even the dogs

SPEEDY the turtle loves to exercise, often strolling around the yard before going inside for a sleep.

The 12-year-old reptile is much loved by the Warry family in Calliope, especially eight-month-old Nate and two-year-old Harrison.

Their mum Sarah said even their pet dogs Molly and Jasper think Speedy is a great playmate.

"The dogs lick him, keep him clean and protect him. He's a good little addition to the family and all the kids love him.

"The boys, well Harrison especially, pat him and follow him around the yard.

"He loves coming out sun baking. He likes exercise and then he comes inside and finds his favourite bean bag to have a sleep under."

Speedy is mostly peace-loving, but as Sarah's husband Troy found out, it's probably best to keep your fingers and toes clear during feeding time.

"He does get a little bit feisty. He's bitten Troy before when he has been in his tank and his fingers look like food, but he's never bitten me," she said.