Callide electorate votes 2020
Callide electorate votes 2020

Queensland election 2020: Callide elects

UPDATE: Incumbent Colin Boyce is retaining his lead in Callide with 58.05 per-cent of the 8691 votes counted.

Labor's Colin Earnshaw now has 25.08 per-cent, followed by independent Adam Burling with 7.97 per-cent, The Greens Anthony Walsh with 4.49 per-cent and independent Loris Doessel with 4.41 per-cent.

UPDATE: A TOTAL of 1343 votes have been copunted in Callide and Colin Boyce is the current leader with 65 per-cent of the vote to Labor's Colin Earnshaw with 19 per-cent.


UPDATE: AFTER 680 votes have been counted, incumbent LNP member Colin Boyce has 66.16 per-cent of the votes with the ALP's Colin Earnshaw trailing with 20.67 per-cent of the votes.


UPDATE: THE FIRST 383 votes are in and Colin Boyce has taken an early lead securing 66.94 per-cent of the ballots.


INITIAL REPORT: 6.25pm THE POLLING booths are closed and the count in the Queensland Election 2020 has begun to decide who will be elected to represent Callide.

Incumbent member, the LNP's Colin Boyce was quietly confident of retaining his seat earlier today, but he faces four other candidates, including Labor, two independents and the Greens.

The Gladstone Observer will provide rolling coverage as the results come in.