Queen’s secret messages to Philip


The Queen paid tribute to Prince Philip, her beloved husband of 70 years, with six very personal touches which were discretely incorporated into his funeral on Sunday.

Her Majesty bid farewell to Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, yesterday alongside 29 members of her family and close friends.

It was a deeply emotional service, with details decided by the Duke himself before his death, and, televised, and watched by millions worldwide.

Due to coronavirus restrictions, mourners grieved separately, with the Queen seated by herself in the furthermost pew of the Quire in St George's Chapel.

Queen Elizabeth had added a personal note and flowers to the top of the casket, and carried mementos of their long and happy life together., including a hidden holiday photo and Philip's handkerchief.





She is said to have carried a photograph of the two of them in her trademark handbag for the sad day.

An insider claimed that picture was one of herself and Philip from their time in Malta, when they were younger.

She is also thought to have kept one of her husband's handkerchiefs with her.

The white, folded square, inserted into the breast pocket of a sharply cut suit, was a strong feature of the Duke's classic style.

The mourning Monarch sat alone in the chapel, but with her trusty handbag next to her on the seat Philip used to occupy in the Quire for services.

The Queen is thought to have kept Philip's trademark white handkerchief with her during the service. It is not suggested the one photographed is the one she had



The Queen was known as "Lilibet" by close family members.

It was a nickname given to her by her father, George VI, with Philip calling her by the pet name since they were courting.

Resting on top of Philip's coffin was a handwritten card reading "in loving memory" and the Duke's Admiral of the Fleet naval cap and sword.

The signature on the card was tucked out of sight in the flowers, obscuring whether it read Elizabeth or Lilibet.

People, however, reported that the poignant signature read "Lilibet".



The Queen chose the flowers for Prince Philip's funeral in a touching tribute to her husband.

Her Majesty opted for white lilies and small white roses for the wreath on the Duke of Edinburgh's coffin before bidding him a final farewell.

Also on the Duke's wreath were white freesia, white wax flower, white sweet peas and jasmine.

While the service was televised and heavily photographed for a global audience, cameras cut away at the moment when the Duke's coffin was placed in the family vault, allowing each royal member present, including the Queen, a final private farewell.


The Queen selected a heartbreaking final tribute to Prince Philip for the Royal Family Instagram account. Picture: Instagram/The Royal Family
The Queen selected a heartbreaking final tribute to Prince Philip for the Royal Family Instagram account. Picture: Instagram/The Royal Family





The Queen has selected a favourite picture of Prince Philip as her final tribute to him, which was posted on social media on the official Royal Family Instagram account.

It is a view of the Duke, photographed from behind, as he tips his hat and walks away.

When Prince Philip died aged 99 on April 9, the Queen spoke of her "deep sorrow" to have lost her "strength and stay".

And now Britain - and the world - has said a final and heartfelt goodbye to Philip.


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