Greens attack Premier for 'commitment to coal'

MANY might perceive renewable energy and coal to be as chalk and cheese, but not Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk.

The outlook Ms Palaszczuk has painted for the State's future has drawn scoffs and criticism from the Australian Greens.

The Premier told the ABC her government was focused on wind and solar farms, but maintained a commitment to coal.

"Coal is a backbone of our economy, but we are diversifying," she said.

"We've got a really firm focus on renewables, so expect some more announcements next year in relation to that field.

"I'd like to see that (renewable energy mix) increase."

The Greens climate change spokeswoman Senator Larissa Waters labelled Ms Palaszczuk's comments that Queensland would always be reliant on coal ludicrous.

Sen Waters said the Palaszczuk government had gone quiet on its election promise of a 50% Queensland Renewable Energy Target by 2030.

"The world is transitioning rapidly to the clean energy future and Queensland will miss out on trade and employment opportunities if the Palaszczuk government continues to lag," she said.

"The coal industry is in structural decline and we need a transition plan to provide jobs in 21st century industries, like clean energy, which doesn't ruin tourism and agriculture jobs as the coal industry does."