THE QCLNG flare caught the eye of Gladstone residents on Thursday with more smoke than normal visible.

QCLNG released a statement on Wednesday saying its Train 2 would be flaring.

The statement read: "Flaring is an integral part of our plant's world class operational and safety management systems. 

"It refers to the controlled burning of gas released from our plant when it cannot be processed into LNG.


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"Train 1 of the plant started commercial operations in May 2015. 

"Train 2 recently commenced production and is continuing through the commissioning and start-up phase.

"Infrequent flaring is expected to continue until both trains have moved to normal operations. We monitor air quality emissions and are committed to keeping our community informed."

Targinie farmer Ken Busteed says he gets smoke from the flares regularly. 

"It sucks. The smoke comes across us on a regular basis," he said.

"It just looks like a haze. This is one of the few days the wind is blowing it across Gladstone.

"We've also got roosters crowing all night because it looks like the sun is coming up.

"They used to get a good night sleep and so did I," he said.