Close up of female accountant or banker making calculations
Close up of female accountant or banker making calculations

QBCC crackdown on accountants

MORE than a dozen accountants have been blacklisted by the Queensland Building and Construction Commission for providing false, incorrect or misleading information.

QBCC Commissioner Brett Bassett said accountants needed to be aware that if their client enters financial difficulty, the QBCC would also be looking closely at their own activities.

"These accountants have been disallowed indefinitely from providing any financial information to the QBCC in relation to any licensed builder," Mr Bassett said.


QBCC Commissioner Brett Bassett.
QBCC Commissioner Brett Bassett.

The action taken by the QBCC against these accountants means they are no longer accepted by the QBCC as accountants who can lodge the reports on behalf of licenced builders.

"All of these accountants have either provided false and misleading information, or in the alternative, provided information that may be incorrect or incorrectly applies the Minimum Financial Requirements."

Mr Bassett said accountants had an important role in the building and construction industry in reducing financial harm and keeping it sustainable.

"The financial information they provide to the QBCC helps in making decisions as to whether a person or company should have a licence," he said.

"It will also help protect other industry participants from people or companies who are not financially strong enough to operate and ultimately can cause significant financial damage to those industry participants.

"If accountants are providing incorrect information, we have forensic accountants and experienced investigators who will uncover any attempt to do so, and the QBCC will be taking action."

The QBCC lists the following people as no longer being approved by it to be a qualified accountant as defined by the Minimum Financial Requirements Regulation 2018.

David Richardson - Ipswich

John Biggs - Brisbane

Odile Mignot - Brisbane

Cameron Dyal - Brisbane

John Kyriakidis - Sunshine Coast

Philippe Colin - Gold Coast

Will Tun - Brisbane

Peter Seow - Brisbane

Robin Lee Logan - Mackay

Kenny Nham - Gold Coast

Graham Marshall - Sunshine Coast

Stewart Rodrigues - Gold Coast

Karina Brennan - Brisbane

Anthony Stariha - Sunshine Coast