'Everyone needs to be part of decision making': Gail Sellers

MEET Gail Sellers. 

She has a background in education and has been mayor of the Gladstone Regional Council since amalgamation.  

What skills will you bring to the job, if elected?

I have been Mayor for five years and bring those learnings to the role. I have: an effective style of leadership; strong written and verbal communication skills, including social media; a strong work ethic; the ability to delegate.

Name three critical issues and what you can do to resolve them.


The GSDA (Gladstone State Development Area) is the future for the Gladstone Region and I will continue to work with State Government to encourage development in this area. Some of the industries which will set up in this area are processes we have not seen before.

A community of our size can sustain hundreds more jobs in the hospitality, health and retail areas.

Shops and Services

I have written many letters to companies to encourage them to first visit the Gladstone Region and to set up a

Gail Sellers, mayoral candidate 2016
Gail Sellers, mayoral candidate 2016


Both Aldi and Miss India were attracted in this way.

Jump Start our City Heart is an exciting initiative and numerous ideas have been submitted by our local business owners and community members. Development of Creative Industries needs encouragement, particularly in our smaller communities.

Health & Health Services

I have been involved in the 'Here for Health" Rio Tinto initiative which has been successful in making a positive change.

More medical and specialist services are now available and we have just had the announcement of the new Emergency Department at the Gladstone Base Hospital. There is still an enormous need for a Retirement Village and I will continue to investigate ways of attracting a private investor. 

How will you make a difference, if elected?

Being independent, I will be able to work with all parties at all levels of government. My commitment will be to strong financial management, debt reduction and no future borrowings.

What would characterize your leadership?

My leadership style is participative. I believe that everyone needs to be involved in decision making. I prefer each member of the team to contribute to discussion and have an opinion. I am not a person who likes to use "I", I much prefer "we".

How will you manage difference of opinion within your council on particular issues?

I would give everyone the opportunity to fully express their opinion, ensure that discussion stayed on topic, control any personal attacks and obtain an outcome.

What will you do to ensure councillors properly scrutinize recommendations put forward by council officers?

Councillors need to read reports prepared by officers before the recommendations are adopted. The best method of achieving this, I believe is to have officers prepare reports and bring them to a Briefing Meeting for discussion, and questions by councillors.

This should ensure that when a motion is put at the General Meeting for adoption, all Councillors are fully informed.

Tell us something about you that one /most people wouldn't know.

I love to read and will read anything. I have not had the chance to do much 'reading for pleasure' over the last 8 years, mainly during holidays and then it is a novel a day.