Push for paid umpiring for Gladstone netball

THE GLADSTONE Netball Association president recently published findings from GNA’s member survey, with huge changes coming next season.

Carmel McErlain took to social media and published findings of the survey, with eight questions posed to members.

From the survey, the most notable response was to the need for paid umpiring in 2021.

Ninety-five per cent of survey respondents voted in favour of paid umpiring, with just five per cent saying the teams should provide their own.

Stemming from the paid umpiring finding was umpire development, which Ms McErlain said there was considerable interest in a potential mentorship program for new umpires.

Sixty-seven per cent of GNA survey respondents said they wanted to see skill based competition rather than age group divisions once action resumed in 2021.

Grand final day will more than likely be held on a Saturday as an event, with 69 per cent of respondents voting for that day as opposed to a Tuesday night.

Just more than half of respondents told GNA they liked the rep program set up from squad training to team selection, with 16 per cent thinking it needed to be changed, 27 per cent saying rep was not applicable to them and four per cent saying they had a daughter of age.

Ms McErlain said GNA found some interest shown regarding new coaches and coaches wanting to up-skill, which included the NET SET coaches and assistants.

Just 18 per cent of respondents put their hand up to coach rep netball next season, with 82 per cent saying they were not interested.

Ms McErlain thanked the GNA members who filled in the survey.

“This feedback will be considered at GNA’s 2021 Planning Day on 10th January, 2021,” she said.

“Dates and information about Gladstone’s 2021 Netball season will be released in late January.”

“If anyone would like to provide additional feedback or suggestions relating to enhancing Gladstone Netball for all participants, please email gnasecretary@hotmail.com prior to December 31, 2020.”

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