Generic photo of sexting (sex texting), commonly used by teenagers on a mobile phone.
Generic photo of sexting (sex texting), commonly used by teenagers on a mobile phone.

Public masturbator told to ‘log off’

"LOG off" and "get a life" were the pieces of advice a magistrate gave to a man who was busted masturbating at a bus stop, completely naked, two nights in a row.

The 22-year-old pleaded guilty in Rockhampton Magistrates Court on November 18 to two counts of masturbating in a public place.

Police prosecutor Mark Platt said the defendant was first seen by a witness in their driveway at 3.21am on October 27.

The witness told police they saw the man take off his clothes and masturbate while watching something on his phone.

Mr Platt said the police found the man at a bus stop on Main St, with no clothes on, masturbating while watching porn on his phone.

He said the defendant told them he had been there masturbating from 1am.

Mr Platt said the next night, a different witness contacted police saying there was a male masturbating in public.

He said police found the defendant back at the bus stop - using a sexual aid and with lubricant nearby.

Mr Platt said the defendant again told police he had been there between 1am and 3am.

As Mr Platt was towards the end of telling the court the facts, many members of the gallery struggled to suppress laughter.

Defence lawyer Megan Jones said her client worked in hospitality and did not know what impact the offence would have on his employment.

"This incident is embarrassing for my client," she said.

"It is clear by the reaction he is receiving in court that there is an element of public shaming."

Magistrate Jeff Clarke agreed there was a level of public shaming.

"It's bizarre behaviour," he said. "Log off … get a life.

"If you have difficulty controlling yourself, I urge you to talk to your doctor about it and get some strategies to deal with it."

The defendant was fined $750 and no conviction was recorded.