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Pub temper tantrum lands mum in front of a magistrate

A HEATED argument at the pub between two friends has set off a series of events which came to an end at the Gladstone Magistrates Court on Monday.

Nicola Margaret Beaven, 48, pleaded guilty to charges of public nuisance and wilful damage of police property.

The court was told Beaven was with her friend at the Young Australian Hotel at 10.30pm on December 9 when a verbal conflict bet-

ween the two escalated.

Police prosecutor Senior Constable Balan Selvadurai said Beaven tried to hit her friend but missed and fell on the floor instead.

Beaven, who injured her head during the fall, was asked to leave and received medical attention outside.

About an hour later, police went to Beaven's house.

Beaven became aggressive, Snr Const Selvadurai told the court, swearing insults at the officers.

When she refused to calm down, Beaven was arrested.

During the drive to the watch-house, Beaven spat at the vehicle's perspex barrier.

No restitution was sought for the damage.

Beaven was fined $800 and a conviction was recorded.