Happy Heart and Art owner Simone Suradi (right) will be joined by other local psychics, including V’enner, at a psychic expo on February 2.
Happy Heart and Art owner Simone Suradi (right) will be joined by other local psychics, including V’enner, at a psychic expo on February 2. Luka Kauzlaric

Psychic opens new store and plans expo for Gladstone

WHEN Simone Suradi first heard voices in her head, she thought she may have been going mad.

But when she was in her 20s, she was pointed in the right direction and discovered she was a psychic.

"I am a hearer, I can hear people who have crossed over but I can't see them," she said.

"I used to have these people asking me to pass on messages and it used to be quite strange.

"I wondered for quite some time, do I have a mental illness? What is going on?"

Miss Suradi's Happy Heart and Art store has been operating from 2/96 Toolooa St for the past eight weeks.

And she hopes to bring a little spirituality to Gladstone in an upcoming psychic expo.

She has been a professional psychic for the past five years, specialising in psychic readings and tuning in to a person's guides - and occasionally people who have crossed over.

Additionally, she has been doing tarot readings and healing.

"Most people don't really know what they want and I'll just tune in to their energy and see how it goes from there.

"For clarification I will lay out a few cards. Honestly, a lot of people are just looking for healing but they end up doing a reading," she said.

Miss Suradi specialises in healing techniques. She describes them as "kind of like a counselling, but with a person's energy".

She said connecting with a loved one who had passed was an emotion-filled reading, for her also.

"It can be a challenge for me to connect to a loved one who has passed on in traumatic circumstances.

"It (readings) can be very emotional, it's challenging and inspiring at the same time because you have connected with someone they needed, it's hard not to get emotionally invested," she said.

She explained Gladstone as having a rich history, and to be on the lookout because there are quite a few spirits roaming.

"The lookout on the main street is always very fascinating; you see a lot of souls up there," she said.

"I used to work in construction, and there were a lot on worksites. I thought, 'Do you really want to go back to work?'"

V'Enner, another local psychic, will also be reading at the psychic expo. She reads from tarot cards and practises intuitive kinesiology readings.

"I have been doing readings with cards for about 10 years, but since 2000 I have been into the healing remedies," she said.

"People go to a psychic because they may be at a crossroads in their life. It's usually not a happy thing, they usually need some issue worked out."

But, changing a person's energy, she said, is what made it all worthwhile.

The Happy Heart and Art Psychic Expo will be held on Sunday, February 2 at the store on Toolooa St from 9am-4pm.