Jessica Honey Fallon has been accused of attempting to murder Murwillumbah man Michael Martin.
Jessica Honey Fallon has been accused of attempting to murder Murwillumbah man Michael Martin. Souce: Facebook / NSW police

Prostitute was 'paid $25,000' to stab murder victim

AN ICE addicted prostitute said she was "given orders" to invade a man's Murwillumbah home and brutally bash him for a $25000 bounty, a court has heard.

Jessica Honey Fallon, 23, is on trial in Lismore District Court for the attempted murder of Murwillumbah man Michael Anthony Martin and the reckless grievous bodily harm of Martin's friend and flatmate Edmund Andrew Manning. She has pleaded not guilty to the charges.

Martin, then 46, was stabbed in the eye, brutally bashed and left for dead in a home invasion on April 7 2014.

The alleged attempted murder was part of a plot hatched by Martin's son Michael Phillip Martin to kill his alcoholic father and claim three life insurance policies taken out in his name worth $2.5 million.

Miss Fallon, a then prostitute and ice addict who earned $2000 a week working at Tweed Heads brothel Julianna's, told police she carried out the home invasion and bashing with two men referred to as "Blue" and "White".

In a three hour police interview played in Lismore District Court yesterday, Miss Fallon said she met "Blue" in Murwillumbah's Round House Tavern three weeks before the attempted murder, where she was offered $25,000 to "beat (Martin) up (to) give him a warning".

Miss Fallon mumbled, fidgeted, and changed the details of her story frequently throughout the police interview.

She said she was given an address and shown Martin's house, but "wasn't paying much attention because I thought he was joking".

By the time of the alleged home invasion she said "I'd been on (drugs) for about three weeks", spending an estimated $8-9000 on the drug ice which she was injecting "five times a day".

On Sunday April 6, after a round trip to Byron Bay and back to visit her mother, Miss Fallon told detectives she collected knives, guns, and balaclavas with "Blue" from her home in Brisbane suburb Archerfield and drove to Murwillumbah, picking up "White" on the way from Palm Beach on the Gold Coast.

When they arrived at Martin snr's South Murwillumbah unit in the early hours of April 7, Miss Fallon said she entered the home first and stabbed Martin snr "in the neck and in the eye" when he came to the door.

After he fell to the ground, groaning, she said they tied Martin up and "the boys took off Martin's pants (and) continued to bash him".

She said she could hear "bones snapping" as well as "popping noises" from the stabbing.

"I thought he was dead," she said.

Miss Fallon told police when Edmund Manning woke up "I could just see it was getting way out hand... that's when I was told to go downstairs".

After leaving the unit, Miss Fallon said the trio dumped the knives in the Tweed River and drove to a nearby home where they showered, burnt their clothes, and later dumped the guns.

She later told police she was paid $25,000 for the crime in two cash instalments which she stashed in the roof of her mother's Byron Bay home.

But the court heard police were unable to locate the money when they later searched the property.

The first attempt on Martin's life was unsuccessful but he was subsequently murdered two months later on June 13, 2014 - the first night he returned the unit following his release from hospital.

In October last year his son Michael Phillip Martin was found guilty of his father's murder by a Supreme Court jury, as well as his attempted murder in the April 7 home invasion.

He will be sentenced next Wednesday in the Supreme Court in Lismore.

Miss Fallon's trial, heard by Judge Deborah Sweeney alone without a jury, continues.