Wilmar's Proserpine Mill.
Wilmar's Proserpine Mill. Peter Carruthers

Proserpine passes the halfway mark

PROSERPINE Mill achieved another good week, crushing close to 93,000 tonnes.

The mill also hit a key milestone, passing the halfway mark for the 2018 season on August 22, Proserpine Region cane supply manager Tony Marino said.

There will be a 38-hour stop from 6am this coming Wednesday (August 29) so crews can carry out major repairs to the hot air ducting on No. 3 boiler. All other normal maintenance activities will be completed during this time.

The average weekly CCS continued to rise with an increase of 0.25 of a unit on last week. The highest CCS sample was 17.67 from a rake of first ratoon Q183 in the Lethebrook Productivity District.

Plane Creek Mill crushed 58,094 tonnes this week.

Factory availability was good, although the crush rate was below budget due to processing issues. Some of these issues were addressed during a planned 12-hour maintenance stop and the rate is expected to improve.

Average CCS for the week was 15.28 which is 0.2 units above budget.

The highest CCS for the week was 17.55 from a rake of Q240 1st ratoon from the Carmila productivity district.


Proserpine Mill

Week 10, ending Aug 25

Cane crushed: 92,792 this week, 885,854 season to date

Average bin weight: 9.75 this week, 9.47 season to date

CCS: 15.41 this week, 14.33 season to date

Cane variety performance for region

Q240: 26.98%, 15.62 CCS

Q232: 7.68%, 14.74 CCS

Q183: 25.61%, 15.50 CCS

KQ228: 3.35%, 15.50 CCS

Q208: 16.32%, 15.47 CCS

Q212: 1.74%, 15.36 CCS

Q242: 7.71%, 14.75 CCS

Q238: 1.37%, 15.20 CCS

Plane Creek Mill

Week 11, ending Aug 25

Cane crushed 58,094 this week, 594,559 season to date

Average bin weight 4.13 this week, 4.01 season to date

CCS: 15.28 this week, 14.01 season to date

Q183: 31.3%, 15.50 CCS

Q232: 1.9%, 14.97 CCS

Q208: 26.4%, 15.17 CCS

KQ228: 1.2%, 15.86 CCS

Q240: 14.7%, 15.50 CCS

Q226: 0.9%, 16.24 CCS

Q138: 9.8%, 14.84 CCS

Q249: 0.8%, 14.78 CCS

Q242: 6.7%, 14.81 CCS

Q252: 0.6%, 15.93 CCS

Q238: 2.5%, 15.04 CCS

Q247: 0.3%, 16.60 CCS