Progress for beach access tripped up by tangle of tape

With all the will in the world, it seems getting through the mountains of red tape we live with day by day is a nightmare.

The example of the poor people at Baffle Creek, who have suffered hugely during the Australia Day floods, is one such example.

Their favourite, and only, tourist spot, Rules Beach, is closed because of serious erosion problems.

And while Cr Rick Hansen says the council has the will to remedy the problem quickly, it seems that once again red tape is the absolute winner.

It's all around us, that red tape, and it's stopping not only progress but also remedial actions, such as restoration of beach access.

Sometimes one wonders if the system we operate in isn't a bit of an ass.

Sure, the way things were way back then was probably a bit unsafe and a little unusual, but people were able to get things done, just by thinking outside the square and not having to ask permission to do the smallest projects in the world.

Red tape has certainly won.