Program helps educate parents, kids about healthy choices

A PROGRAM designed to assist parents and carers with children who are overweight to make positive eating and active changes is coming to Gladstone.

Parenting, Eating and Activity for Child Health (PEACH) was first initiated in Queensland in September last year.

Program leader Lynne Daniels said it had been successful among children and parents at other cities and towns.

But parents can be anxious in taking the first step.

"This is not about blaming parents or making them feel guilty. Parents have a tough job and it's easy to eat unhealthy and be inactive.

"We understand Queensland is not Brisbane... childhood obesity is a problem in regional Queensland so we want to take the program to where it is needed," she said.

Designed for children between the age of five and 11, parents and carers are empowered to make a positive change to their family's eating and activity habits.

"It is quite hard for parents to take that first step to say yes we need to do something differently.

"But once they make that step we find parents find it extremely helpful and children love the play sessions."

The government-funded program which is rolled out in nine fortnightly sessions is offered across regional Queensland.

Discussion topics such as how to incorporate fruit and vegetables and the importance of water being the main drink are shared.

Visit for more information about the program and the healthy weight range.

The program will start in two months. To register phone 1800 263 519.

"It's difficult to tell if a child is over the healthy weight range just by looking - they need to be measured.

"The program has a lot about role modelling, parenting tips and problem solving.

"There's one thing to know that this (healthy living) is important but making that change is really quite a challenge."