BITS Ferguson Comrie.
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Profile on BITS' bowling star Ferguson Comrie

Ferguson Comrie - BITS

1: When did you start playing cricket?

Two years ago and for BITS.

2: Thoughts on this new best-of-three grand final series?

I like the best of three, but I think having a T20, 50-over and and a two-day game would be more fun (each with different points of you win).

3: Your biggest strength in the game?

Being able to eat non-stop while the team is batting.

4: Career highlights?

Getting ran out with one run needed to win.

5: Biggest influence?

My biggest influences are Kiernan Lord who was my coach. Terry Sawyer because he is so good that I always want to get him out.

6: Funniest team-mate?

The whole team.

7: Most annoying team-mate?

Don't know.

8: Funniest thing you have seen on the cricket field when playing?

Kid getting swooped by a plover while getting the ball in the outfield.

9: How can you beat The Glen?

I believe if we bowl good areas and bat the 50 overs out, then we have a good chance at being competitive.

10: What's the best thing about playing the game?

The team. We always have a laugh even if we are doing crap. Always back each other up, but also play hard when it comes to it.