BITS skipper Terry Sawyer
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Profile on BITS' batting star Terry Sawyer

Terry Sawyer - BITS captain

1: When did you start playing cricket?

Ten years ago in Biloela then proper cricket for The Glen, Brothers and now BITS.

2: Thoughts on this new best-of-three grand final series?

It's great to try something new and not just have dead-rubber games. It's good especially in regional areas.

3: Your biggest strength in the game?

To be competitive.

4: Career highlights?

Winning first-ever grand final against The Glen.

5: Biggest influence?

My parents driving me and my brother up from Bilo when we were younger.

6: Funniest teammate?

The Yasso boys.

7: Most annoying teammate?

Ky Hull and Jason Batchelor are like two little kids narking each other when together.

8: Funniest thing you have seen on the cricket field when playing?

The Glen's Robbie Wolfe lost his shoe the same time as he released the ball.

9: How can you beat The Glen?

Bowl to our field and take our chances.

10: What's the best thing about playing the game?

It's such a leveller. It brings you down to earth.