Kyla McKim-Hill.
Kyla McKim-Hill. Matt Taylor GLA110319EPIC

PROFILE: Kyla Mckim-Hill ahead of Epic Scrim this Saturday

ROLLER DERBY: With the annual Epic Scrim 19 just four days away. The Observer will take a look at some of the players who'll compete in this unique and quirky form of sport.

We profile young gun Kyla Mckim-Hill.

When did you start: This will be my fifth year in this sport.

Nickname: 'Woundicorn' because I have always like unicorn and the name just popped into my head.

Highlights: First away game in Toowoomba and it was my first competition game.

Lowlights: Not enough juniors in the sport, yet.

What drew you to the sport? I have been skating for ages and dad always skated and I have always come to training.

What do you hope to get out of it? To play more games.

What do your friends reckon? I think it's great because everyone is curious about it and so they come.

They come to watch games and friends are now attending roller discos.