Prisoner punished with more charges and isolation

AN ALTERCATION inside the Maryborough Correction Centre began with prisoners trying to climb an exercise cage to retrieve an "unknown object" from the roof.  

For Jordan Francis Snell, it ended with him being relocated to Woodford Correctional Centre and being placed into maximum security.  

This was after he verbally abused a female employee when he was told to return to his cell, and then threatened to smash a CD player on April 2.   

The 24-year-old pleaded guilty in Maryborough Magistrates Court on Monday to two counts of assault.  

The court heard that Snell was tackled by prison guards after he randomly walked out of his cell after its door unexpectedly opened, also as part of the series of events on April 2.  

The father-of-two was sentenced to four months in jail for the incidents, immediately eligible for parole.   

His full time release date for the other convictions he is serving time behind bars for is scheduled for next year.