Prison guards threaten to rape, bash former inmate


SENIOR ranking public officials, including prison officers, have been caught threatening to rape and bash a disabled former prisoner during a disturbing gang ambush.

The Herald Sun obtained footage which shows three present and former Corrections Victoria staff members surround and taunt the ex-inmate, who is intellectually disabled and in a motorised wheelchair.

One threatens to sodomise the man during the vile encounter outside a venue in Melbourne.

"I'd love to rape you," one of the men said. "There is a camera sitting right above my head. You want to go around the corner?

"Come around the corner … there are no cameras there so I can't be done."

The man can be heard saying, "You don't think you'll ever bump into us c---- on the outside, do ya?"

"You can stand you f------ maggot.

"You managed to f----- stand in unit two, didn't ya?"

A second man can be seen charging toward the defenceless victim before making threats to "crack" his skull.

"Get the f--- out of here or I'll crack your f------ head you dumb c---," he said.

"Go get your mates, come back and I'll rip your f------ throat out you piece of s---."

The victim tells the men "don't touch me" before one of the aggressors realises they are being filmed.

The man attempts to cover the camera lens before the group walks away.

Corrections Victoria confirmed it had suspended two staff members over the "reprehensible" attack.

"The conduct of the people in this video is reprehensible and completely unacceptable behaviour," a Corrections Victoria spokesman said.

"An investigation into this matter is continuing."

The third man is a former Corrections Victoria employee who is believed to be working for the Department of Transport.

A spokesman for the department said it was investigating the incident but had not yet taken action against the employee.

"This footage has just been brought to our attention - it is disturbing and we have begun an immediate investigation," they said.

All three men worked as officers at Melbourne Assessment Prison, where it is understood they met the victim.

One is believed to have been recently promoted to a supervisory role within the prison and the other man is employed by the department's intelligence unit.

A Melbourne Assessment Prison insider told the Herald Sun the prison is rife with "undesirables."

"This is who we have running corrections in this state," he said.

The incident caught on camera is believed to have occurred within the last three years.