A stricken yacht at Round Hill Creek.
A stricken yacht at Round Hill Creek. contributed

Pressure on as revelations on Round Hill Creek fix revealed

THE Gladstone Regional Council has completed a report into the costings of fixing the dangerously shallow Round Hill Creek.

The council began investigating the issue late last year after it became clear boaties were not able to get through the mouth of Round Hill Creek at certain times.

It has been identified as a safety issue by Volunteer Marine Rescue Round Hill. It has potential ramifications for the tourism industry.

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk is aware of the problem.

A council report, detailing costings, is yet to be formally handed to councillors. It is expected to be made public afterwards.

Deputy Mayor Chris Trevor said he wanted to push both levels of government to fix the problem.

"We now have a fairly good indication of the approximate costs of a sand push," he said.

"Council has the funds to obtain all the necessary approvals but we don't want to put the cart before the horse. There's no point in getting the approvals if we're not going to get funding from the state or federal government."

Cr Trevor said the council did not believe it was their responsibility to solve the issue, although he said they were prepared to pay for the environmental approvals.

"We're challenging the state and federal governments to show some leadership and pay for the sandpush ... at the end of the day we don't believe the cost burden should shift to the ratepayers of the Gladstone region," he said.

One option Cr Trevor put forward was having Gladstone Ports Corporation undertake the work.

GPC is a government- owned corporation, so the funding would come from the state.

Cr Trevor said the council was hopeful of linking a solution for Round Hill Creek with dredging the Boyne River, which will begin next month.

"It seems to us that won't be able to occur because of a timing factor," Cr Trevor said.

Cr Trevor dismissed environmental concerns and said the way to fix the creek was not dredging, it was a "sandpush". He said this was because Round Hill Creek was a natural channel.

An environmental consulting group is also writing a report on the issue for the council.