Deadrie Keleher from PRDNationwide Real Estate, Hampton Dr, Tannum Sands.
Deadrie Keleher from PRDNationwide Real Estate, Hampton Dr, Tannum Sands. Tom Huntley

Helping people find dream home a joy for experienced agent

WITH 18 years experience, Tannum Sands PRDnationwide principal property consultant Deardrie Keleher has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to real estate.

Deardrie finds it extremely rewarding to help people find their dream home.

She said it was even rewarding to help others move on in the area and move away with the comfort of knowing their homes were in good hands.

"Being hands-on myself in the listing and selling of homes helps reap rewards of bringing in sales into the office," she said.

"Being in business and owning your own business is a reward in itself and mentoring the staff in the office."

She has even passed on her passion and knowledge to her daughters, who also work in the industry.

Deardrie has worked in the real estate industry in Tannum Sands for 13 years, with eight of those with PRDNationwide.

"I worked in the Baffle Creek area in 1994, from which I worked the offices in Baffle Creek and Agnes Waters," she said.

When asked what she loved most about the industry, Deardrie answered, "I suppose working my way up to winning platinum awards recently and Number Three Principal award for Australia in PRDnationwide would have to be some of my career highlights".

PRDNationwide principal property consultant Deardrie Keleher shares her knowledge on Agent Insight.

MARKETING is a big plus when it comes to selling your home.

Throughout the years, I have gained valuable experience and knowledge when it comes to marketing a home to the best of its ability.

Currently the market in Gladstone and Tannum Sands is of a different facet.  

As a buyer's market, we are constantly seeing buyers come in hard with offers.

According to the latest reports we have from, it can take up to four months to sell a property in the area.

The market trend has dropped in price and this is what prospective owners and buyers have realised with all the developments in the region - there is a lot of competition in the market at the moment.

This is why it is essential to market your home effectively.

People need to realise that they need to get their homes out in the public arena.

A lot of people have already done their homework on what properties are listed and how long they have been on the market.

In this case, it is very important that sellers listen to their agent's statistics. That is why we do a market appraisal to see what is sold and what competition is out there.

Overall, sellers need to present their properties to the best of their ability.

Make sure the property is clean and tidy with gardens well presented.

Street appeal is what people look at immediately upon arrival and is often what catches their eye on the internet to make them want to inquire.

The humorous side to it is that often after people have owned a home for years, they usually get their house at its best just before they sell it.