Premier owes Blackwater an apology

THE Palaszczuk Government owes the people of Blackwater an apology.

Just over a week ago, Queensland's chief medical officer, Dr Jeanette Young, rushed to the little western town of Blackwater when a young man, Nathan Turner, 30, died, fearful he was a victim of Coronavirus.

At the time, Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk was under tremendous pressure to change the government's roadmap on easing restrictions and opening borders.


Mr Turner's death fitted the narrative that the health of Queenslanders must come first, the economy a distant second.

Hundreds of people in Blackwater were tested for COVID-19 and the bakery where Mr Turner's fiancée worked was shut down.



Blackwater was effectively locked down.

Then questions emerged about the role a Rockhampton nurse played in the affair, with suggestions she'd been to Blackwater during May.


Labor MPs were briefing journalists "off the record'' about the story, and it was not portraying Blackwater in a positive light.

The nurse was demonised. Last night, however, it was revealed - near 7pm - that Mr Turner did not die with COVID-19 in his system.

The first anybody heard last night of Mr Turner's autopsy result was a Facebook post by the Blackwater bakery.


Then, Dr Young confirmed soon after the public Facebook post that Mr Turner did not have coronavirus, but they were not sure how he died.

Almost 2000 people have now signed a petition calling for the Premier and Dr Young to issue a national apology to the folk of Blackwater and Mr Turner's family and fiancée.

"Your leadership created emotional, mental and physical trauma for the loved pones of Nathan's family and friends, and especially his fiancée Simone,'' the petition says.

"Nathan's passing was used as a tool to create chaos and panic to a community, state and country.. a family had to silently grieve in pain as they watched a nation be lied to about Nathan's cause of death.''

They're entitled to be angry.


Originally published as Premier owes Blackwater an apology