Powerbeats Pro: great sound and comfort, pity about case

COMFORT: Powerbeats Pro comes in black, ivory, moss and navy for $349.95 AUD
COMFORT: Powerbeats Pro comes in black, ivory, moss and navy for $349.95 AUD


POWERBEATS by Dr Dre is the number one fitness headphones brand for good reason - they don't fall out.

The new wireless Powerbeats Pro are even better. They are super comfortable, meaning you can wear them all day.

We tested a range of music and appreciated the great dynamic range across genres. Some reviews have said they are not as bass heavy as normal - and one of the downsides is you can't customise the sound.

The other big negative is the size of the charging case. It's much bulkier than Apple's AirPods case. And it's also not as easy to open and put your earphones back in as the AirPods.

The sound, however, is better, though there's no noise cancellation which you would probably expect from earphones costing almost $350.

We tested on a plane and mowing the lawn and you could certainly hear the background noise, but not to any great level of displeasure.

If you're an Apple user, the PowerBeats Pro use the Apple H1 chip, meaning you can simply say 'Hey Siri' for help.

The earphones have physical volume and track controls on each earbud.

The snug fit, combined with the signature earhook design, means they won't fall out, making them ideal for runners and those into serious workouts.

They also have optical sensors which drive automatic play/pause and call handling when the earphones are places in or removed from your ears.

They are specially designed for taking calls. A speech-detecting accelerometer in each earbud and two beam-forming microphones per side target your voice and filter out external sounds such as wind and ambient noise. 

On the battery front, there's a total of 24 hours combined playback with the magnetic case. Five minutes of charging will give you 1.5 hours of playback, which is pretty impressive.

Another clever feature is that motion accelerators detect when they are not in use, putting them in sleep mode.

If you're after a super comfortable set of earphones with great sound, the Power Beats Pro are certainly worth a look.

They come in black, ivory, moss and navy for $349.95.