POWERING UP: Sam Norwood and Wil O’Neal have arrived in Gladstone to play for the Power.
POWERING UP: Sam Norwood and Wil O’Neal have arrived in Gladstone to play for the Power. Mike Richards GLA260214BALL

Power play lands team new basketball stars from Canberra

GLADSTONE'S basketball team the Power have had their eye on Sam Norwood for a couple of years, waiting for the chance to snag the forward for their roster.

The funny thing is Norwood has had the same idea, biding her time until the chance cropped up to make the move from Canberra to the north.

Originally from Western Australia, Norwood moved to the country's capital to play for the Capitals.

Teamed up with Gladstone's own Jess Bibby playing in the WNBL, the two players spoke of a possible move into the QBL, and it was only a matter of time.

"Basically I did a season with the Capitals with Jess Bibby, then took a season off WNBL and spoke to Jess about coming here," Norwood said.

"I have played SBL (WA) and wanted to see Queensland."

Norwood, 24, will be a welcome addition to the Power squad, which will see major changes this season, most notably the loss of Nat Hurst.

From Norwood's perspective, Gladstone fitted well with her plans.

"I wanted to live near the coast," she said.

"I can't wait to play. I am joining the boys at training."

Speaking of boys, along with Norwood comes Wil O'Neal, originally from the US but now a naturalised Australian.

A little older at 36, O'Neal brings with him experience the Power could use on their men's roster.

"I am from Los Angeles," he said.

"I moved to Australia 12 years ago and played in the WA league for seven years."

O'Neal won't cost the locals an import sport either, now being Australian.

Both Norwood and O'Neal are keen to get on the court but are relishing the opportunity to practise before competition tips off in May.