Mum-to-be Sonia Kruger returns to host Big Brother.
Mum-to-be Sonia Kruger returns to host Big Brother. Channel 9/WIN

Fate of Big Brother housemates hangs in the power balance

WHAT does Game of Thrones have to do with Big Brother?

Apparently some of this year's new housemates fit the moulds of the popular fantasy show's characters, says host Sonia Kruger.

"(Executive producer) Alex Mavroidakis said to me that in the house there are plenty of Joffreys, one Khaleesi and a couple of dragons," Kruger told The Guide.

"Apparently it's a very opinionated and controversial group. I'm sure Queensland will be well represented because it usually is."

Channel 9's revival of the hit reality show returns for a third year and the show's producers have expanded the house in which the housemates will live in isolation at Dream World on the Gold Coast.

The Big Brother house will be multi-storey this year in a first for the show.

"Think about the Scarface mansion. It has a bit of that vibe going on," said Kruger, who recently revealed she's expecting her first child.

"The Sopranos would be quite happy living there."

Kruger said this year's series is all about the power balance in the house. Apparently one housemate will have "ultimate power" over the game.

"Power in the house I will mean everything," she said.

"It will also be important from the viewers' perspective. The viewers won't just be deciding who stays and who goes. They'll be influencing what happens in the house."

Tonight's launch, when viewers briefly meet 12 housemates before they enter the Big Brother house for the first time, will also have a long-lasting effect on the show's outcome.

"The housemates will have to make an immediate judgment call which will have far-reaching consequences," Kruger said.

"In this social media age people are forced to make snap judgments on people based on very little information. The housemates will have to make a decision based on first impressions.

"The decisions they make will be doubly as important, so that's a bit of a clue.

"It's not something I would want to do. I'm the sort of person who constantly second guesses myself."

With more single housemates compared to last year's series, Kruger is hoping for plenty of romance.

"I do love a romance in the house. I love the drama that goes along with relationships in the house," she said.

"The jealousies, flirtations, I think that's part of Big Brother."

Big Brother debuts tonight at 8.40pm on Channel 9/WIN.