Alisha and Zac Goodman, founders of Mackay tech start-up Brixn, which will help home buyer navigate the journey to home ownership.
Alisha and Zac Goodman, founders of Mackay tech start-up Brixn, which will help home buyer navigate the journey to home ownership. Brixn

Power couple's real estate app helps people buy a home

MACKAY couple Zac and Alisha Goodman is a business power couple proving that success is not a matter of age.

As new parents in their late twenties, the couple has an established real estate investment portfolio and are about to launch their first app.

'Brixn' is designed to guide first home buyers and seasoned investors alike through the process of buying a home, making it easier.

From searching and inspecting through to settlement, the app even provides a platform to connect all utilities and services to the home.

"The idea came about three years ago,” Mrs Goodman said.

"We found a lot of friends in the family contacted us regularly asking 'what do I do' and 'who do I ask', so we thought there was something in there.

"It is something that we have done a few times (buying a home) and every time it has been confusion and was stressful.

"And it should be fun and exciting, one of the biggest investments and amazing things you do.”


The power couple started early on their business journey.

Mrs Goodman attributes her husband's good saving habits and drive. Mr Goodman purchased his first home at 22 and Ms Goodman herself purchased her first home at only 19 years of age.

"We both started very young, before we even met each other,” Mrs Goodman said. "The goal was to have investment properties.”

On their first holiday, the couple purchased their first home together. They had also only recently moved in together after dating for a year.

"We were holidaying at the Sunshine Coast and walked past the real estate and had a look at the advertisements in the window and bought a house,” Mrs Goodman said.

"We came back from the holiday with a contract for an investment house.

"We weren't married and we thought it was a good business decision if anything ever happened between us.”

She said over the years they tried a few investment strategies.

The Sunshine Coast house was sold this year and made way for the app which has is now available on the app store and is planned to be officially launched in September.

Tips from the entrepreneur couple

  • Get involved with a network of other entrepreneurs to help and guide along the way.
  • Do market research and talk to people to make sure the business is wanted or needed.
  • Don't be afraid to give it a go and try new things.
  • Be brave and be willing to put everything into it.

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