Man found with backpack full of a “smorgasbord” of drugs

ON THE same day as Muscat's armed robbery sentence, another former mines operator faced District Court in Mackay.

Mackay resident David James Christian, aged 34, was sentenced to eight months imprisonment for 11 charges of possession.

Prosecutor Matthew Hynes told the court police found Christian with a backpack full of a "smorgasbord" of drugs, including marijuana and methylamphetamine.

Defence barrister Phillip Moore said Christian had been a functional worker.

"He instructs me that really it was while he was at the mines that he became more heavily involved with drugs," he said.

"He doesn't want to go back to the mines because of his past experience there, of running into the subculture that uses serious drugs."

Mackay detective inspector Nikki Colfs said there was no particular demographic that used methamphetamines.

"There are people from many walks of life that utilise this drug," she said.