Pose right to build your body’s maximum stretching point

THIS week we continue with the second part of advice for body builders.

These poses will take you to your body's maximum stretching point. The goal is to improve your flexibility and strengthen your muscles.

Downward Facing Dog

This pose can increase your general flexibility and uses gravity to help increase blood circulation to the upper parts of your body.

Warrior Pose II

This pose builds strength in your legs, arms, back and shoulders, and opens your chest and hips.

Half Spinal Twist

This yoga pose helps increase spinal flexibility and prevents injuries.

It stretches the back muscles, and helps keep back movements fluid.

The most important part of this stretch is that the entire length of the spine receives a lateral twist in both directions - first to the left and then to the right.

Make sure you bend your right leg and place the left foot on the floor outside your right knee, bring right arm over your left knee, turn far to the left, turn back to the centre, placing hands on the floor.

Crescent Moon Pose

This pose strengthens your back, arms, legs and shoulder muscles and opens up your chest, expanding your airways, and enhances oxygen use and oxygen delivery to your muscles.