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Port Corp, power station: top rated industries

GLADSTONE Port Corporation and Gladstone Power Station have come out looking squeaky clean in an industry community perceptions survey.

More than 700 residents were surveyed, and generally rated their knowledge of Gladstone industry as above average, similar to the rating in 2010.

More than half agreed that Gladstone industry as a whole has a long term commitment to Gladstone (59%), supports the local community (64%) and is known locally as a good employer (66%), but less than three in 10 residents say Gladstone Industry is trustworthy and honest (29%).

Specific industries rated highest on a range of measures were:

Corporate citizen: Gladstone Power Station

Good reputation: Gladstone Port Corporation

Concerned for indigenous: Gladstone Port Corporation

Long term commitments to Gladstone: Gladstone Port Corporation

Good employer: Gladstone Port Corporation

Offers Traineeships and Apprenticeships: Gladstone Port Corporation

Trustworthy and Honest: Gladstone Power Station

Supports local community: Gladstone Port Corporation

Communicates clearly: Gladstone Power Station

Cares for local Environment: Gladstone Power Station

The purpose of the report was to provide a measure of the public perception of Gladstone industry performance by the residents of the Gladstone region.

The report was commissioned by the Gladstone Industry Leadership Group (GILG) and research was conducted by McNair Ingenuity Research.

The survey was administered through a computer assisted telephone interview by interviewers. A total of 750 surveys were completed with respondents aged 18 and over from the Gladstone regional area.