Samarie Walker, Tierra Henderson, Lyndal and Rick Hansen and Madelyn Willey.
Samarie Walker, Tierra Henderson, Lyndal and Rick Hansen and Madelyn Willey.

Port City Power ready for QBL opener

TIERRA Henderson and Samarie Walker were all smiles at the Port City Power season launch on Wednesday night, but Mackay's Meteorettes should not expect the politeness to spread onto the court on Saturday.

By then, the two imports from the United States will be ready to win.

The task this weekend will be a difficult one, the Power team not coming fully together until the second match of the year.

But Henderson and Walker are not going to let that stop them from having a red-hot crack.

The older of the two US players, Henderson has played all over the world and is used to fitting into line-ups and making it work even with little court time.

"I played two years in Angola, one and a half in Rwanda, then went to Thailand, Taiwan, Portugal and Spain," she said.

"I have been trying to get over to Australia for two years but it is really hard.

"Because the WNBL is so strong they don't take notice of imports as much."

Eventually Henderson spoke to Pauline Kelly and Derek Rucker and was on her way to Gladstone.

Walker made the journey with her, ready to begin her second stint outside the US.

"I am from Ohio and graduated from the University of Kentucky in May 2014," she said.

"I was in Spain for seven months. That was my first time out of the country."

So far basketball has not been serious for the pair, so they have had some time to take in what Gladstone and Australia are like.

Walker has a few off-court goals she wants to achieve before leaving.

Understanding fans one of them.

"I love the accents. When my team mates were speaking to me I mucked it up completely and answered a question they didn't ask," she laughed.

"I want to see a kangaroo and a dingo in the wild and go to the Great Barrier Reef."

Outside of that, the only plan is to win a lot of basketball matches.

"I feel like once we get all our pieces we will be a contender," Henderson said.