Paul Aleer and Rocky's AJ Ogilvy
Paul Aleer and Rocky's AJ Ogilvy Erin Mellor GLA280419MEN

Port City not too far from that breakout win

BASKETBALL: Gladstone Port City Power Capricorn Surge coach Brady Walsmley said while he was disappointed with the loss against Ipswich Force, it was the team's best game.

With another away clash against Rockhampton Rockets tomorrow at 8pm, Walmsley wants a complete performance.

"It was actually our best game for a variety of reasons and was a performance where we showed plenty of improvement in the areas we have made our focus. Unfortunately, near enough isn't good enough in this league," he said.

Walmsley said to be 15 points down in the second quarter against the Force was too much to whittle down.

"We showed great resilience to mount a comeback and get our noses back in front, but closing the gap required such a significant output that we didn't have anything left in the tank to close it out," he said.

Rockets will be buoyed with the signing of AJ Ogilvy for the whole season after the NBL star destroyed the Power in round one with 37 points.

So now for round two against the 211cm giant.

"Having a sound strategy and being able to execute it successfully are different things," Walmsley said.

"When it comes to AJ, we understand that he hurt us in round one and that we will need to ensure we force other guys to beat us on this occasion.

"We will implement some strategies to limit his touches and get the ball out of his hands. I don't think you can expect to stop him all together, but certainly we will look to impact his efficiency to give ourselves the best shot."

Walmsley said imports Taylor Young and Harold Ridgeway have been solid.

"Taylor is obviously performing at a good level and is familiar with the expectations around his role. He would probably admit he can take it to another level and I think we will see that in the coming weeks," he said.

"Taylor is very conscious of involving his team-mates and has been very generous in his attempts to get them going. I think we will start to see a more assertive Taylor in the coming weeks.

"I've been pleased with the improvements Harold has made defensively. In a short period of time, he has significantly increased his attention to the defensive end and has become a more disciplined defender. His scoring has fluctuated, but we measure him on his defence and rebounding."

Injury and foul trouble has affected Steve Kiir's output, but Walmsley believes his best is near.

"Steve was able to show glimpses of what he can offer in round one against Rockhampton and we look forward to seeing more of that in the coming rounds," Walmsley said.

Taylor Young and Kyle Tipene have been consistent from a scoring perspective as has Paul Aleer and Walmsley said they will get better as well.

"Taylor, Kyle and Paul have been good for us. For a group of players who haven't played together, I think they've been able to form a good synergy in a short period of time," he said.

"All three would suggest they can reach greater individual heights, but their performances are on the right trajectory."

Jared Blanchard has improved in his previous and Walmsley understands it will take time for his new-look team to gel.

"Jared is starting to find his feet and other than Taylor and some of our local role players, the team is basically brand new," Walmsley said.

"It will take some time for everyone to understand their spots and I think we have started to see Jared come to terms with how he can be effective for us. His last two games have been better and he has plenty to offer."