Chad Wingard is in hot water at Port Adelaide. (Picture Sarah Reed)
Chad Wingard is in hot water at Port Adelaide. (Picture Sarah Reed)

Power ‘furious’ at Wingard over Instagram post

PORT Adelaide AFL games record holder Kane Cornes says the club is furious with two-time All-Australian Chad Wingard over last week's cryptic social media statement and doesn't believe he will be playing for the Power next year.

Cornes said the mercurial playmaker was pretty split between the Power and a "serious offer" from the Western Bulldogs.


"Chad Wingard has a decision to make. Port Adelaide's belief is that if he does leave, it will be a decision based on money and also the fact was not shown a lot of love in his exit meeting with Ken Hinkley at the end of the season," Cornes said.

Wingard, the Power's 2013 club champion, on Thursday afternoon posted an Instagram message where he stated he "will tell his side of the story when the time is right dw (don't worry) about that".

Chad Wingard statement on Instagram
Chad Wingard statement on Instagram

"But unless a statement comes from myself or management don't listen to them," the post continued. "Thank you for all the support over the last couple of weeks. It means a lot."

Cornes said it would be difficult for Wingard to remain at the Power after the statement.

"I can tell you that the club's not happy with that statement, they're furious with that," Cornes said.

"I just can't see the fact where he now stays there. If you've got Chad Wingard not happy with the footy club and the club not happy with Wingard for that statement, it is almost to the point where I'm not sure he can go back."

Port Adelaide football boss Chris Davies on Monday said Wingard hadn't given the Power any indication he wanted to leave. And until he did, they were factoring him in their plans for 2019.

"We have had nothing that compels us to consider letting Chad go (before he becomes a free agent at the end of next season)," Davies said of 25-year-old Wingard.

"Nothing has changed. Chad is a contracted player and he will be with us next season unless he tells us he wants to go.

"From our end, we'd only need to know if he wasn't planning on being with us."

"I don't think he's unhappy, I think he's pretty happy being close to his family in Murray Bridge in South Australia.

"We're progressing as if Chad is with us next year."

Karl Amon is expected to join a Victorian club. (Picture: Michael Klein)
Karl Amon is expected to join a Victorian club. (Picture: Michael Klein)

Meanwhile, Port Adelaide midfielder Karl Amon appears to be heading home to Victoria next season to be closer to family.

His manager Liam Pickering says he is talking to Hawthorn and St Kilda about the speedy wingman who was recruited with No.68 pick in the 2013 draft.

"It's a discussion absolutely with Hawthorn, we've spoken to St Kilda about him as well," Pickering said.

"He's contracted to Port Adelaide, if we can get him back to Melbourne, I think both parties would probably look at it - including the Power.

"He's not unhappy at Port Adelaide, but opportunities, he didn't get a lot of them this year."

Amon, 22, has played 42 games in four seasons at Alberton but just six this year.